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Ultra-Low Visconsity Ballpoint Pen

Ultra-Low Visconsity Ballpoint Pen

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These smooth-writing ballpoint pens feature a vintage silhouette and are available in a wide variety of colors. In the past, ballpoint pens used "sticky" ink, but Anterique's oil-based ballpoint pens use "ultra-low-viscosity ink" (or Mach ball ink). Ultra-low viscosity ink is smooth and easy-flowing like oil. When using this type of ink, an ordinary pen tip would have ink leakage, so it must be combined with an ultra-precisely processed pen tip. Anterique ballpoint pens use a pen tip with a built-in spring to precisely control the flow of ink for a very crisp, non-smudging, ultra-fine .5mm line.

0.5mm ballpoint pen
Mach ball ink
Black ink

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