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Fude De Mannen Fountain Pen, Wakatake 55°

Fude De Mannen Fountain Pen, Wakatake 55°

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Introducing Sailor’s Fude de Mannen, a revolutionary fountain pen that makes calligraphy-quality writing easy for scribes of all levels. This pen is a popular choice in Japan due to its ergonomic grip and effortless stroke that is unique compared to traditional brush pens. The high angled "Wakatake" nib (55°) is ideal for fine lettering; by adjusting the angle of the pen, you can allow for greater line variation.

The name “Fude de Mannen" is a play on words in Japanese, combining "Fude" (brush pen) and "Mannen" (fountain pen). With a regional accent, the name can also translate to "This is a brush pen", which perfectly captures the fusion of the characteristics of a fountain pen and brush. 6.7” OR 16.9cm length; bamboo green color. Steel angled nib. Refillable.

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